Main alternatives to TeamViewer for companies

TeamViewer is reputed to be the primary solution for remote computer access within small and medium-sized businesses.

In times of home office, most organizations are looking for alternatives for their employees to access the administrative system remotely, even if their servers and software are not prepared for this.

This sometimes leads to the wrong hiring of TeamViewer, mainly by small companies that have an urgent need to keep their operations running but do not have IT, professionals.

To make matters worse, the high price of corporate software licenses, flaws insecurity, and the need to leave multiple machines on at the office make the solution even more expensive and discourage many users.

The merits of TeamViewer

Although TeamViewer is a useful and feature-rich solution to remotely access other computers, those who need to access the company’s ERP that is not in the cloud have better and cheaper alternatives.

We know that TeamViewer is a great tool for point-to-point access, mainly used by computer technicians to access their clients’ computers and systems, which occasionally need to be configured or receive some type of maintenance.

It is worth mentioning the advantages of this system, such as ease of use, simple connection to any device, and support for the main operating systems.

In addition, the flexibility to allow connection via both mobile devices and computers greatly facilitates the lives of its users.

However, when hiring multiple Teamviewer licenses to provide remote access to administrative software and keep the office running, it usually represents an unnecessary additional monthly fee, in addition to causing inconveniences such as turning computers off and greater consumption of electricity.

Teamviewer’s problems

Between 2016 and 2017, some TeamViewer users around the world reported having their bank accounts emptied by hackers, generating a series of complaints against this tool.

At the time, the company only reported that the events were isolated and caused by misuse instead of working to increase the security of the system.

But these intrusions are not the only reason to look for alternatives to TeamViewer. Many users complain about the image quality of the connections that, combined with the high price of the commercial version of the software, ended up generating a certain dissatisfaction on the part of its users.

Many of these users need a cheaper alternative than TeamViewer, whether for Windows-based operating systems, macOS, or even for more specific ones.

But the vast majority are just looking for a tool that offers a simpler and more reliable set of features.


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The alternatives to Teamviewer

Before looking for an alternative to Teamviewer, it is worth understanding a little more about the subject.

The merits of TeamViewer

When allowing access through this software, the visiting computer takes over the screen and keyboard of the office machine, which exchanges only the commands necessary for this communication.

This means that processing will take place on the host computer, making communication between these devices simple and fast.

However, this type of software is not the best solution for accessing client-server administrative applications, such as a Windows ERP system that uses an SQL database.

As most corporate users already have a good internet account in their homes, this type of bandwidth savings ends up losing its meaning.

In these cases, using a VPN server in the company and configuring the employees’ client computers is a safer, cheaper alternative and does not require a direct point-to-point connection.

Qnap NAS can be configured as a VPN server in a few clicks, intermediating remote access between client machines and the company’s server.

In addition, NAS storage also offers features that allow you to set up a private cloud to share files and folders, in addition to providing tools to manage access, encryption protection, anti-virus, and function as a backup server.

Qnap NAS as VPN server

Other solutions that make the remote connection between two computers

Setting up a VPN server is usually the best alternative for most companies that are implementing remote work but do not yet have their systems in the cloud. In such cases, setting up a VPN server provides access to the office server free of charge.

However, just like TeamViewer, many users need software that allows them to remotely access another computer.

For those who need this type of resource through a peer-to-peer connection in everyday tasks, remote management solutions such as LogMeIn, Anydesk, and are just a few examples of alternatives that can easily replace TeamViewer.

Bring your project and answer your questions. We are specialists in warehouse systems, and we can help your company to provide remote access to your employees, without complications and far from monthly fees.

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